I´m not a political person nor a religous, but at times like Christmas it makes you contemplate. Christmas is the time of year were family, friends and dear ones should come togheter in a manifest of love. And don´t get me wrong here, I love Christmas, the preparations, the decorations, the flowers, the Christmas tree, the food, the baking. I love all of it!

But it´s also time when the difference of those who have a lot and those who have little are the most apparent. We´re living in a time of turmoil were people are fleeing their homes, their nations, their continent in order to have a future. We´re living in a time where a few are trying to silence the majority of us by terror.

BUT, please don´t forget, we´re also living in a world where infant mortality rate is declining, where the extreme poverty is descending and the worlds all nations have recently signed the climate agreement.

I´m aware these are only fragments of what´s going on but I feel it´s important to take a moment to contemplate. Therefor this post will only have one message, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, YOUR LOVED ONES AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.