Weekend bliss


Monday, new week, new challenges, new opurtunities. I´ve heard from a close source that it´s all about your attitude that determines if you consider Monday beeing the harsh wake up call to reality or the day when you embrace the week ahead and it´s opportunities. I´m trying to adopt the second alternative, being a bit more Monday friendly. 

The weekend turned out to have a bit of everything. Since it´s been freezing here for the last couple of days, the kids haven't been super keen on going out. The oldest loves running the sledge, but the youngest consider it too cold when the thermometer sinks below -10. So a lot of hanging with these two little fellows indoors. Having friends over for dinner, working on a upcoming project and checking out the city´s antique dealers.

Image from Anne Sack

Image from Anne Sack

Working on a upcoming project and searching for inspirational images, coming across this white bathroom with black accents. I like when you can accomplish exclusive looks by the details. Like here, using standard tiles in different sizes and execution to fulfill a refine look.

Made a couple of errands on town, checking out a couple of antique dealers. This one being unfortunately closed. But I loved the entrance. A total off-set to the exclusive and well polished inside.