Hello 2016! The year has just begun and there´s not much difference then a week ago but the feel is different... During Christmas I´m really into the hole thing of having Christmas but as soon as New Years Eve past and the new year begun, I just want to head into spring. And fast! I know, there´s still a couple of months before that really happens. But a new year represent new beginnings, promises, challenges and a fresh clean slate, to make the most out of it. And what better to represent that, then shades of white.... 

This absolutely stunning summer house belongs to Danish jewelry designer Charlotte Lynggard. Those windows and that view are to die for, serenity.

Neon message. Create your own, sold by the letter at Dot & Bo.


Beautiful (and white) painting hanging in our dining room, given and created by our dear, close and talented friend and interior decorator, artist Daniel Bergman.

Love the masculine cut of the coat and yet such a feminine look and the white feels so fresh and crisp. Not sure it´s a look to recommend when you have two kids...

Love hydrangeas in all colors available. a really easy flower to decorate with. I usually don´t have vases on top of books as they can leave watermarks.  

The doors, the panels, the stucco. Lovely.


As the season predicts, red is the given colour. I´ve never used a lot of red, neither for fashion, nor for interior. But this summer I bought a red dress from Roland Mouret, and since then I´m hooked. At least when it comes to the fashion part. The interior part is yet to come...

1. Stunning red dress from Altuzzara.

2. I woulden´t say no to these little babies, heels from Aquazurra.

3. This classic in red is on my wishlist...

4. Vivid red Indian temple.

5. I´m far from as bold as to paint my dining room this shade, but I love it.

6. This beatiful dining room belongs to Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet, check out the rest of her stunning London home here.

7. Oscar de la Renta dress in his signature shade. A certain princess wore this dress in another colour for the Nobel dinner.

8. A perfect dress for almost all occasions, Roland Mouret.