Those of you that follow me on Instagram, already know that we´re moving. And some of you probably wonder "didn´t you just move in?" Haha, sometimes life just don´t turn out the way you plan. No worry it´s not as dramatic as it sounds. The apartment we´re in now is beautiful and the renovation turned out great, don´t you think? But with two kids, age two and five, we´re more in need of parks then of restaurants, less traffic and more playgrounds. So now our lovely apartment is up for sale. Please check it out here. 

If everything goes as planed we´re moving beginning of August into our then, fingers crossed, fully renovated apartment. On a one way street, just by a park... I´ll keep you updated on mood boards, color schemes, kitchen cabinets, tiles and a lot more. So excited!

But for now, please enjoy the lovely images of our apartment, shot by Henrik Nero for Alexander White.


Earlier this week I did a styling of an one bedroom apartment. I think you can guess it´s a guy living here. The lack of color, lack of personals, lack of flowers, lack of decoration. Not very much of anything... The mission were to make it more appealing to a broader crowd of potential buyers. Check out the before and after. I think we succeeded! I´ll let you know when it´s out for sale.




Sorry about the lack in updates. No real excuse other than a hectic last two weeks. But now I´m back in business. Monday once again, beginning of a new week. But not just any week, today is the start of Stockholm Fashion Week I´ll be back with updates during the week. Now heading out for a run with this on my playlist. 

Just had to share this absolutly gorgeous bouquet I got Friday from a super sweet girl, Thank you Ziba!



I´m sitting at home planning for tomorrows dinner party. It´s just as much about the food as it is about the table setting. I usually go for shades of white, linen cloth, vintage linen napkins, silver cutlery. For decorations I love to use flowers like above, several in small low vases placed in the middle or some greens, like I did, using ivy for the Christmas eve table setting, or like below with eucalyptus.

I love large flower arrangements, but just not on the dining table. I like to see all that´s sitting around the table, so I go for lower flower arrangement, larger pieces are perfect for the sideboard.

Love that they used the lighting as flower decoration. For lighting I use tea lights in small glas containers that used to be for french yoghurts. They give a lovely light and they mix well with the flowers or greenery.