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I've been talking a lot lately of color setting with neutrals and have applied a lot of that color scheme at home, I'll show you all soon. When using similar colors within the same range, I like to add colors of accent both in order to make a transition between black and white less sharp but also to in hence contrast when using similar tones of a certain color. My favorite accent colors right know is yellow, not a bright version but more of a subtle tone, like mustard or like the base of my still favorite fabric, the tiger velvet below. I also really like accents of blue and green.  


After a long and well needed vacation, things are slowly getting back to normal. The kids are having their last week off before school and day care starts on Monday. Even I am slowly getting back into old routines. The weather have been wonderful for almost the whole summer and the sun keeps delivering, leaving opportunities of late afternoon dips in the ocean, having an ice cream in the park and foremost a possibility to postpone the fall for a at least a couple of weeks more.

Our home is slowly coming together, but as I am of a somewhat inpatient nature I´m about to burst into pieces if we wont be able to move in within two weeks. The bathrooms should be done by late next week and the kitchen week after. But as I have some experience from renovations or total make overs as this one, I shouldn't relay on deadlines...

Last couple of weeks I've been going over how to furnish the new place. Not always an easy task, especially as we this time are moving into a place that are actually less square meters then we had before. The color scheme we went for this time is more neutral, shades of white and gray. I´m also really into black and white. You who follow me on Instagram already know I've picked out a black and white marble floor for the hallway. Black and white is a classic combination that works not only interior wise but also in fashion wise. It´s just one of those combinations that never fails.

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Other Stories

Albert Johansson

Albert Johansson

Ylva Carlgren

Ylva Carlgren


It´s all coming together. I´m pretty much finished with all decisions on materials, colors and floor plans. One of the things I´m still working on is the library. Or library is maybe  a bit exaggerated, it´s more like inner hallway where I´m thinking of building book shelves with cabinets underneath för storage. 

I think I´ve decided on a gray, similar to this beautiful shade in Francisco Costas (former head designer Calvin Klein) stunning study.


I´ll like to have the same shade on the shelves as on the wall, but I think I´ll paint them glossy and the wall matte. 

The only thing I have to figure out now is the lightning. I have fallen madly in love with the Italian 50´s Stilnovo lamps. I like to have three scones at the topp of the shelves. So now I´ll just have to find three Stillovo lamps. Easy, right? I´ll keep you posted...


I´m literally eating, sleeping and breathing the new apartment. The hours I dedicate to research of products, materials, colors and so on is ridicules. But, it´s at the same time so much fun, I rather not think of the hours I spend. Today I´ve been sweeping the internet after faucets and taps in 30´s style and in nickel. It seems to almost impossible to actually find such products within Europe. In the states it´s far more common. Please let me know if you know any makes or vendors that caries taps in nickel.

I´ve also spent some time today in making a color scheme for the the new apartment. I´m thinking of a lot of light colors, a lot of naturals and shades of whites...

And today I need to decide on what color for the kitchen cabinets, should I go for white or for gray? decisions, decisions... 


Those of you that follow me on Instagram, already know that we´re moving. And some of you probably wonder "didn´t you just move in?" Haha, sometimes life just don´t turn out the way you plan. No worry it´s not as dramatic as it sounds. The apartment we´re in now is beautiful and the renovation turned out great, don´t you think? But with two kids, age two and five, we´re more in need of parks then of restaurants, less traffic and more playgrounds. So now our lovely apartment is up for sale. Please check it out here. 

If everything goes as planed we´re moving beginning of August into our then, fingers crossed, fully renovated apartment. On a one way street, just by a park... I´ll keep you updated on mood boards, color schemes, kitchen cabinets, tiles and a lot more. So excited!

But for now, please enjoy the lovely images of our apartment, shot by Henrik Nero for Alexander White.


I´m in NYC for a couple of days. Just having a lot of fun, relaxing, eating tasty food, sipping drinks and indulging every moment. Today I´ve just strolled around in Soho, checking out some interior stores.

BDDW, beautiful space, very airy, a lot of wood. All American made furniture, high quality and expensive.


De Vera is more of an exquisite museum than a store. The owner Federico de Vera offers a unique collection of Venetian glass, Japanese lacquer, ivory carvings, 18th century religious figures and antique jewelry. A must see.


Earlier this week I did a styling of an one bedroom apartment. I think you can guess it´s a guy living here. The lack of color, lack of personals, lack of flowers, lack of decoration. Not very much of anything... The mission were to make it more appealing to a broader crowd of potential buyers. Check out the before and after. I think we succeeded! I´ll let you know when it´s out for sale.




It´s such an exhilarating feeling when the last photo has been shot. The last look is completed and outcome is brilliant. That´s just how it was on today´s bathroom photo shoot. Look after look feelt just soo right and everyone in the team delivered on top. Below are some sneak peaks, the rest will be published in Sköna Hem, I´ll let you know later on in what issue.

Now the weekend can begin... 


Towels, towels, towels. The bed worked as storing area...

I love the Aesop products, they have a sustainable way of producing their products in consideration to nature and humans, their packaging is beautiful and they smell delicious.  

An ashtray from Zara Home worked as a container of bling bling.