Stockholm Opera House


When I was younger my grand parents took me to see the ballet at the Royal Opera house here in Stockholm. I loved the whole experience, the atmosphere, the incredaby beatiful Opera house, the stage, the clothes, the music and foremost the dancers! These increadbly talanted men and women that just made these complex moves look like the easiest thing in the world. My grandmother always said she dreamed of me becoming a prima ballerina. I´m not sure how serious she was about me devoting my life to dancing... I think we both realized that ballet is a comitment for life and the chances of succes limited.
Yesterday I watched this amazing documentary "First Position" about these young dancers, some just kids, that have given up pretty much their entire childhood in the sense we know it, in order to persue their dream. To make it in the professional world of ballet. One of these young dancers is a girl, Michaela de Prince, her story is a real Cinderella story. She was born in the war zone of Sierra Leone, both her parents were killed, at the age of four she were adopted by an American couple and moved to the states. She encountered racial discrimination several times and yet she pursued her dream of becoming a prima ballerina... Keep her in mind, I´m sure we´ll see more of this talented young woman.